Media relations & visibility

The term Public Relations encompasses more than media relations, but nonetheless, for many, PR has become synonymous with press releases or pitching stories to the media. At Harbinger, we always make sure that our work with the media is aligned with the corporate strategy and thoroughly researched.

Media relations on three levels

Agenda stetting is often the main reason for proactive press work. But both press releases and the more exclusive agreements with a selected media can be implemented both tactically, and strategically.

Timing and media know-how are core competencies

At Harbinger Public Relations, we have the experience, know-how and contacts to deliver a successful hands-on media activity and increase your visibility through strategic media relations on a product, business, and community level. We strive to put activities and messages into a strategic context, and we will always have your corporate reputation as the most important benchmark.

Our other core competencies

At Harbinger, we create strategic and operational communication solutions that strengthen companies' media visibility and corporate reputation both on product, business, and community level. Learn more about how we work here: