About Harbinger

Harbinger Public Relations is a Copenhagen and Århus based public relations and communications agency. We help strengthen our customer’s visibility and corporate reputation though strategic communication on product, business and corporate citizenship level.

How can we help?

The Harbinger toolbox is big and versatile and can be customized to fit your business needs. But before we can put together the tools we need for your specific task, we need to have coffee! At Harbinger Public Relations, solid communication advice always starts with a cup of coffee and a conversation about what your goal is and how you can strengthen your company's corporate reputation, strategic communication and visibility.

Us at Harbinger

Harbinger Public Relations is a strategic Public Relations and communications agency with strong senior profiles, seasoned with talented young consultants. Our wide range of skills, experience and insights enable us to create effective, customized press efforts for our clients.
Malene Jauer
Malene specializes in communication strategies, executive-, brand- and company positioning, as well as crisis communication and M&A communication.
Mia Christina Greenfort
PR Consultant
Mia has 15 years of experience in PR & Communications from fashion and lifestyle agencies. She has worked with numerous Danish and International companies in several industries, incl. hospitality, tech, health, design, food, and lifestyle. During her career she have worked widely in the whole field of PR having her strengths in product-PR and B2C companies.
Morten Svan
Communications Advisor
Morten specializes in press work and corporate communication. Analyzing, content creating and pitching press release with a sharp news hook. Morten has a background in journalism and knows the media from within.
Ole Daugbjerg
Senior Communications Advisor
Ole manages the Harbinger's office in Aarhus. As former communications director and managing partner in a major communications agency, he has 30 years of experience in public relations, reputation management and strategic communications.
Tue Aip
Tue has solid experience as a strategic communications advisor and has managed press work, media training and corporate communication for a number of large Danish and international companies in tech, finance, food and lifestyle.

Our values


We strive for trust and openness in our relations as it is the finest foundation for protecting our clients' corporate reputation.


We strive for correlation between expectations and behavior, and we take responsibility for our consultancy.


We strive to create a culture where we push boundaries to find the right solutions to the right problems that is beneficial to our clients' business and corporate reputation.

Holistic world view

We strive for collaborations with our customers that is characterized by creativity, decency, professionalism, insight and high-quality advice.